Ishwarya Cheruvu

Senior Project Manager


Jan 2019 - Present


Senior Project Manager

Richmond, Virginia Area

May 2018 - Dec 2018

M&T Bank

Technical Project Manager

Buffalo/Niagara, New York Area

Sept 2014 - May 2018


IT Project Manager

Louisville KY
Humana & Cummins Inc.

About Me

Project Management requires a lot on the end of a project manager. This is where Ishwarya Cheruvu has built her forte. With a total of 18+ years of experience in the IT industry, majority of which has been in the core field of project management (12+ years). Ishwarya has been instrumental in creating an impact across the enterprises she has worked for.


2013- 2015

MBA, Finance

Kaplan University

Skills & endorsements

Agile Methodologies 89%
Management 61%
SharePoint 71%

Industry Knowledge


Ishwarya Cheruvu – A Mentor, Guide Who Helped Me Grow and Shaped My Career Path

Foraying into the project management field was a random choice for me, but one that now I feel glad about to become a part of. While project management can be considered a very wide area and field, it is all about assessing what your skill set is, where your inclination is, and which specific domain in this field you find yourself most suited for. Although the above mentioned aspects hold true for the subjective process, in practical how you learn and grow your skill is what matters most. In this aspect I feel glad that I was able to work and learn under Ishwarya.

I had an opportunity to be a team member for a specific project plan, under the mentorship of Ishwarya Cheruvu. That project was based on the Scrum Master, and I was assigned the task of managing release planning, spring planning in Excel, as well as help in setting up the priorities. What I loved about Ishwarya was that she was very diligent in what she was doing and has a canny mind to assess what works best for each step or work-flow of the project. Even though it was a short meeting the first time with him before the commencement of the project plan, she was able to identify what my core interest lies in and assigned me the tasks that I preferred.

Right through the entire project process, which went for about 4 months, I was able to take a lot from her experienced and skilled mind. She was very supportive throughout the process. Of course, the morning brainstorming sessions, a review analysis at the end of the day for the proceedings helped not only me but other team members to be on the toes throughout. I would definitely say that with him on the side, managing the requirements and working through agenda and minutes was a breeze.

From her technical skills to project plan process, taking a calculative risk approach, along with team mentoring and ensuring that the things go sturdy as well as ahead of the timelines, it was a great professional working experience with him that is definitely going to help me scale the ladder in the field. If it wasn’t for him, I myself wouldn’t be in the role of handling my own project management team at the moment, about over a year down the line.

Ishwarya Cheruvu – Project Management Specialist Standing Out on Her Skill and Keen Thought-Process

Some of the big-shot brands that She has been instrumental in becoming a core team member whilst managing the projects and leading the teams successfully includes Reddaiah Inc.- Cummins Inc. (presently working in the capacity of Sr. Project Manager), Advantasure, M & T Bank, Humana, Cummins Inc., Xerox Corporation and more. With years of experience in the field, an adaptive approach to problem-solving, and creating an agile environment for the workflow, Ishwarya has managed to stand-out as a revered professional. Her Key Performance Areas (KPAs) includes managing and developing project plans, risk analysis and contingency plan, change management, vendor management, process improvement, budget, scope and schedule management, managing project quality all while leading and mentoring the teams.

What has made him stand out from the rest is her ability to seek and gain insights into each project on a particular basis, process through a complete project goal assessment, evaluate the time-frame and work through process, impact, outcome and summative evaluation, all through a custom-tailored approach for each project. What makes him a true leader is her ability to scout through resources and have the best talent pertaining to a specific job or task.